Happy 10th birthday, Zeke Dog!

Today, October 20, is Zeke’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe he’s been here for a whole decade. Here’s a timeline of his accomplished life.

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October 20, 2006: Zeke (or “Cricket” as they called him then) is born in Auburn, California at Golden Acres Ranch, where they breed Australian Shepherds for people who want pets. Continue reading “Happy 10th birthday, Zeke Dog!”


First Day in London

When last we left off in our adventures, we had landed at Heathrow Airport and were waiting to go pick up Zeke.

Well, we got him! We took an Uber XL with all our bags in a roundabout trip around the whole airport before we found the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. We walked in, and they told us Zeke was almost ready! We only had to wait 5 minutes. He came out wiggling, super happy to see us, and seeming completely like himself. Thank goodness. Seems the trip wasn’t so hard on him.

We waited for another Uber XL and then took the traffic-filled, 90 minute trip to our hotel. The driver was really nice and chatted with me during the ride, while Leah and Zeke passed out in the backseat. Then we managed to get checked into our temporary house and get all our bags upstairs.

It’s really nice! We were expecting a studio apartment, but they actually gave us a 1 bedroom–it has a kitchen with everything: a washer/dryer, a living room, and a nice bedroom with a closet, chest of drawers, etc.

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing, getting phones set up, napping, and eating delicious mediterranean food. OH! and we took Zeke to the nearby King’s Square Gardens for his first London park adventure! He got his ball stolen from him by a yellow lab and then once we got it back he played really well. Just like in America!

Tomorrow we try to run a few errands like getting a bank account set up and getting our permanent ID’s.

Picking up Zeke at the Animal Reception Centre

Driver on the right side... that will take a bit to get used to.

Zeke playing in King Square Gardens

First sunset: view from our temporary apartment