Strawberry rows

My dad has four strawberry rows in his garden. Each is a different variety: Honeyoe, Brunswick, Kent, and one other I can’t recall. (Sorry, Dad.) Two of the rows aren’t doing very well. The other two have made enough strawberries to (nearly) make him sick of them. This is the first year Dad has ever had successful strawberries after years and years of experimental planting.

Strawberry season meant life was zooming along from springtime into summer. David and I were feeling proud of completing a year in London. Dad was fussing over strawberries and bees and all his other projects. My brother’s wife was pregnant (and has since brought my little niece into the world!) Mom was enjoying herself as she watched my brother’s other daughter everyday. My sister was just coming home from a great first semester at Radford University.

Then on a Tuesday night in mid-May he collapsed at home by himself. The short of it: two of his arteries were extremely clogged, and the walking pneumonia (that he unknowingly had) wasn’t helping. Obviously he was admitted to the hospital.  Continue reading “Strawberry rows”


Emigration (in photos)

2016-06-30 19.26.53
Sand dollar art at the corner near our old apartment–a dependable & favorite sight on my runs

Hello from London! I made it! Somehow my red-eye flight of 6.5 hours saw no sleep for me. Also, I only had 4 hours of nighttime. I guess that’s fair since I had 24 hours of daylight on my way out. I watched GirlsMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and Very British Problems to prepare myself to be a strong woman endeavoring across multiple cultures. (Definitely.)

I wrote recently about all my feelings. Today (Thursday) I actually woke up at 10 AM. My first two days back in the U.K. I slept more than 16 hours each day, so I’m excited to be a human today. Am I using this time to unpack? to tackle an endless list of loose ends from my travels? to paint? to wear something besides sweatpants? Absolutely not. I’m here, posting photos on my blog. Continue reading “Emigration (in photos)”

Fredericksburg, Virginia to London

I’m writing to you from Heathrow Airport! We are taking a moment to have breakfast (lunch?) while we wait for Zeke to get through his customs. It’s about noon now, which is 7 am east coast time and 4 am west coast.

We changed our residency to Virginia yesterday, so I enjoyed 12 hours of being a Virginia resident once again. It felt good to root myself there while we live in London.

Milo, my Honda Fit, with his new plates

We got to spend so much good time with my family here in Virginia. My niece is growing like a crazy, little weed. Zeke spent his time playing in the field/yard and being around a big family/pack. It is painful to think about everyone, but we are so grateful for all of our people. I have decided to embrace my puffy eyes as a sign of love.

David, tiny niece, me, Megan, & Jason with canines Zeke & Kirby
She made some noises that sounded like "auntie"
Family selfie attempt
Pokey, my canine niece
Amanda, me, Momkins, & Washmo
Amy Friend brought us Chick-fil-A dinner & a show at the airport
Arriving: the River Thames!
Just like Love Actually--waiting in line for customs

Norwalk, Connecticut to Fredericksburg, Virginia

We are done driving!

I write to you from Fredericksburg in the midst of a pancake breakfast that my dad made me.

We spent Friday with David’s family in Norwalk, CT. They took us out for bagels for breakfast, then that night we got to celebrate Passover with them. It was really beautiful to celebrate freedom and the beginnings of wandering in the midst of our own travels. The story of the Exodus is one of my favorites, and it was good to take a moment to remember that in our journeys we have someone guiding us to safety.

Saturday we installed window flower pots for David’s mom for an early Mother’s Day gift, then hopped back into our trusty Honda Fit to head to Brooklyn. We met Benjamin, David’s brother, and his girlfriend, Mara, for brunch in Bushwick. Zeke dog hung out in their apartment with their dog, Audrey, while we feasted on burgers and lamb hot dogs.

We continued our food tour and drove to Bensonhurst to meet the Eng family for dinner. Dorcas is one of my very best friends in the entire universe, and her family kindly welcomes me with hugs every time I see them. Chinese food for dinner included pea shoots, walnut shrimp, and everything delicious under the sun.

And one last time we loaded ourselves and drove down the east coast to Fredericksburg, VA. We arrived at 2:15 AM today. David drove like a champion after a cup of coffee, while I tried to entertain him as I fought my own heavy eyelids. We marched straight to bed. After 3,480 miles, my car will live happily forever in Virginia with my sister.

We’ll rest here for a couple of days, then we start on the next leg of our adventure with our flight to London.

Marc with our collaborative refrigerator art (Norwalk, CT)
Good bye, Connecticut Brombergs! [Leah, David, Cathy/David’s mom, Marc/David’s dad]
Audrey and Zeke dog (Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY)
David, Leah, Benjamin/David’s brother, & Mara after a few intense rounds of Monopoly Deal
Dorcas, Leah, & David on our way to dinner in Bensonhurt, Brooklyn
With Mr. Eng!
Crossing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Virginia at 1:15 AM on Sunday, April 24