We have wonderful people that we are abandoning.

Fallon fellas -- old roomies!

On Sunday we were lucky enough to have a mob of people to whom to bid farewell. And our mob of loved ones collectively covered more than 600 miles to come see us off at Steins, my favorite beer garden in the neighborhood.

Thank you. It is a gift to be sad to leave. We wish we could take a weekend trip with each of you to say a proper good bye, but some pints and raffle will have to do.

As much as California hasn’t felt like home, I find myself leaving a huge chunk of myself with my mob. So again, thank you and come see us in London.


We started actually taking the house apart this weekend. I woke up early and started my day by weeding the backyard, which has a beautiful vine with orange flowers, a bramble, and unruly grasses. I needed to uproot and replant today.

– Leah


Karl & Pea Soup

David and I are saying good-bye to San Francisco and trading its fog for London’s. Here in San Francisco we call the fog Karl. Karl’s English cousin is known as pea soup.

We are just as surprised as everyone else that we are moving to London. For a long time, we’ve known that San Francisco isn’t a place where we’d put down roots. The plan was always to hang around out here, enjoy the ocean and the city, and make the best of the video gaming community here for David and the community at California College of the Arts where I finished my MFA. Then we’d move back east, which we are doing–we’ve just overshot it by a few thousand miles.

We really feel like London is a place we can keep growing. David has taken a new job with Rocksteady, where he’ll be working as a Senior Engine Programmer. He’s really excited to be working on some cutting edge technology. I’m really excited to be in a large city with a flourishing art scene. I will be starting all over again with my own career, which will be hard, but we’re starting life with a two bedroom apartment so I can have a dedicated studio space with a door. Zeke Dog is looking forward to the hundreds of parks in London.

London is where David grew up; so even though we are starting new, we’re also returning to the old. We’re driving away from San Francisco on Monday, April 18th to go see our families and leave a car on the east coast. We fly to London on April 26th, where we’ll be staying in Islington in a temporary apartment for a month while we look for a new home.