Happy 10th birthday, Zeke Dog!

Today, October 20, is Zeke’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe he’s been here for a whole decade. Here’s a timeline of his accomplished life.

2016 14712733_10103396469150395_5271025540585058919_o.jpg

October 20, 2006: Zeke (or “Cricket” as they called him then) is born in Auburn, California at Golden Acres Ranch, where they breed Australian Shepherds for people who want pets. Continue reading “Happy 10th birthday, Zeke Dog!”



I live in that northwest borough with the bright yellow face!


It’s been awhile. October is well upon us; and it is a strange combination of familiarity and homesickness. I’m starting to no longer notice anyone’s accents.

The crisp air and equally crispy leaves on the ground feel like home. I always, always missed fall the most when I was in California. It smells like autumn here. The light also has that cold, golden glow. The weather is almost the same as Virginia except a bit more mild and grey. The summer’s aren’t as hot, and the winter will see less snow.

2016-10-11 10.21.12.jpg
View from the living room window

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