Emigration (in photos)

2016-06-30 19.26.53
Sand dollar art at the corner near our old apartment–a dependable & favorite sight on my runs

Hello from London! I made it! Somehow my red-eye flight of 6.5 hours saw no sleep for me. Also, I only had 4 hours of nighttime. I guess that’s fair since I had 24 hours of daylight on my way out. I watched GirlsMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and Very British Problems to prepare myself to be a strong woman endeavoring across multiple cultures. (Definitely.)

I wrote recently about all my feelings. Today (Thursday) I actually woke up at 10 AM. My first two days back in the U.K. I slept more than 16 hours each day, so I’m excited to be a human today. Am I using this time to unpack? to tackle an endless list of loose ends from my travels? to paint? to wear something besides sweatpants? Absolutely not. I’m here, posting photos on my blog.

Returning to my old running grounds // Toward the beginning of my time in the SF Bay Area, I drove over to our old apartment and went for a run on my favorite 3 mile trail at Land’s End. It was wonderfully familiar and terribly painful.

Class time // I had the privilege of teaching at California College of the Arts’ Pre-College. The students are rising juniors or seniors. They earn 3 college credits in 4 weeks, meaning the syllabi are nearly identical to a freshman’s. They have a morning class from 9 AM to 12 noon, then an afternoon class from 1 PM to 4 PM. I taught a morning Drawing class, then an afternoon Painting/Drawing course to a different set of students.


All the places, all the people // I house-sat for 3 families and was kindly hosted in 9 other homes. I stayed in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Pablo, Dublin, San Carlos, Redwood City, San Jose, Davis, Sacramento, and Stockton. I am astonished at how much kindness was thrown at me. Thank you. I felt incredibly loved to have had so many homes to sleep in. These are just some of my photos of my friends and places.

2016-06-28 19.48.38
Golden light: eucalyptus horizon line during my first run back, San Pablo


And all the pets…


The last week of Pre-College: finishing projects, installation, & final exhibition. My Drawing class had to complete a series of 3-5 pieces around the idea of “adventure.” Adventures can be imaginary, narrative, or literal travels. My Painting/Drawing class considered personal histories: family stories or larger histories that are meaningful to them.

Good bye, California…


2016-07-26 18.19.11

Hello, Virginia! I stopped in good, ole Fredericksburg to see my family and to enjoy the 95F humidity. The lightening bugs, peepers, and mumbled words of my family were good for my soul.

London calling // After all the couches and cities, I landed in Heathrow. I am genuinely happy to be home–and for this to be home. It might feel weird, but I’m getting used to the British accents; and the strangeness of it at least feels like a familiar strangeness. I’ve found myself being pretty happy to have some mayonnaise on my french fries.

2016-08-02 02.08.37
Arriving in Heathrow

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