Settling in

Moving in commenced on Friday! We were able to get keys, inventory the house, and receive all the boxes by 1 pm. Or 8 am EDT. Or 5 am PDT. Leah stayed and unpacked while David was able to go into the office for a half day.

We love our flat more and more as we settle in. Instead of Memorial weekend, we had a bank holiday here, so we got a lot done. We take breaks to eat on our tiny balcony and truly enjoy using our own plates. It has been challenging for Leah to rest because she/I just wants to be settled finally and is anxious to finish unpacking. David is busy trying to find us a free wardrobe for our closet-less bedroom.

After 7 different beds these last couple of months, it is wonderful to sleep in our own.

Some ‘before’ photos from Friday…

In progress…

And where we are today, Sunday…

So we celebrated with a walk.

The walkway above the train tracks. Sunset isn’t until nearly 10 pm.

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