A new tent! (We have a flat!)

We’ve signed a lease! On Friday, May 27th, exactly one month after arriving in London, we’ll take our suitcases and Zeke to Nether Street in Finchley, an area in North London. It’s helping me to think of all of these places we are living as tents. It reminds me that nothing is permanent. Being in flux is more or less a constant state, but I can still find ways to feel at “home.”

Our new flat on Nether Street. The property is split into four units. We're on top on the left!
Our new flat on Nether Street. The property is split into three units. We’re on top on the left with the red brick!

That’s N3 for all you zip code people. Zip codes or “post codes” in London are two parts. Our temporary apartment is at EC1V 2PW. The first part is the area you’re in, so we’re in a certain part of east central London. The second part refers to your specific address. So, your whole address is really just in the post code here, which I find beautifully organized. Hello, N3! I hope we can be friends.

It’s a two bedroom apartment, so I have a room for a studio while I figure out a job and start building my network anew. The entire house has really beautiful light. We love that the kitchen opens up into the living room (or “reception area” as they call it here). Many UK kitchens are small rooms with doors, closed off from the rest of the house. Our temporary apartment is like that, and it feels challenging for us especially since we like to cook together. Our new kitchen will be perfect for brewing beer!

While many UK places are furnished, ours is not. We’re kind of in the middle when it comes to furniture. We have a bed, a love seat for the living room, and an assortment of dressers. We’ll be on the hunt for a kitchen table and chairs, and I’ve got my eye on an Ikea couch that will pull out for friends! Yard sales (or whatever they call them), here we come.

We’re close to a lot of trails and open park areas, which will be perfect for Zeke and for running. It’s more suburban where we will be living and feels quiet, but I can still escape into the woods. Lover’s Walk goes to the trails, but also to the high street (what they call the main thorough way). We even have our choices of tube stations. We’re about a 5 minute walk from either the West Finchley or Finchley Central stations. David will have a 25 minute commute to work including the walk.

Our new place is at the top of our budget, which feels scary. We are getting a great place, and it’s one where we feel like we can use to welcome friends and grow ourselves. I keep imagining having people in our living room for get-togethers. I can see myself painting in the extra room, and the long hallways will give my work good wall homes. I’ll have no excuse to hermit away as the tube stations are so close. I’ll be able to run–the trail near us is 10 miles long, the perfect length for that 20 mile final, long run for marathon training. This seems like a good tent for now.

I’ll post photos of the inside later, once we’ve moved in!


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