Fredericksburg, Virginia to London

I’m writing to you from Heathrow Airport! We are taking a moment to have breakfast (lunch?) while we wait for Zeke to get through his customs. It’s about noon now, which is 7 am east coast time and 4 am west coast.

We changed our residency to Virginia yesterday, so I enjoyed 12 hours of being a Virginia resident once again. It felt good to root myself there while we live in London.

Milo, my Honda Fit, with his new plates

We got to spend so much good time with my family here in Virginia. My niece is growing like a crazy, little weed. Zeke spent his time playing in the field/yard and being around a big family/pack. It is painful to think about everyone, but we are so grateful for all of our people. I have decided to embrace my puffy eyes as a sign of love.

David, tiny niece, me, Megan, & Jason with canines Zeke & Kirby
She made some noises that sounded like "auntie"
Family selfie attempt
Pokey, my canine niece
Amanda, me, Momkins, & Washmo
Amy Friend brought us Chick-fil-A dinner & a show at the airport
Arriving: the River Thames!
Just like Love Actually--waiting in line for customs

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