Wendover, Utah to North Platte, Nebraska

Today is my first post on this blog. I think all of the busyness of getting ready to leave has made it difficult to wrap my head around all the emotions I’m feeling in leaving San Francisco and moving all the way to London, but now that we’re out on the road with no real deadlines other than needing to get to our hotel before we pass out, I’ve had more time to think.

I am sad to be leaving San Francisco. All of the good-byes to all of our friends has made it really clear how loved we are and how much we did have a real home there, even if we knew it was never going to be forever. I’ll miss driving in the Presidio on the way to work, getting probably the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ll miss the beach and running at Land’s End. I’ll miss all of my friends at Telltale. And part of me will miss the possibility that never materialized, that is moving to the East Coast for a job or an opportunity for Leah there.

But, as weird as it is, I am really excited to move with Leah and Zeke across the world to London. I’m not sure I can fully put into words why. It just feels right. I’m excited for new possibilities and my new job at Rocksteady. I’m really hopeful for new opportunities for Leah to advance her art practice over there. But mostly I just feel it’s how God is going to move our family forward. We felt somewhat stuck in San Francisco, as amazing as it was. And even though I don’t know all the details, like I like to, I trust that God is going to use London to do some pretty amazing things in our family.

Anyway, enough feelings for today. Today we drove through all of Utah and all of Wyoming. Leah had driven through most of this before , but I’d only driven the southern route before. It was really beautiful and a lot more snowy than I had imagined. Zeke got to play in the snow. He was mostly good though I think he’s getting a bit sick of being in the car all day. Here are some pictures.

– David







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