San Francisco to Wendover, Utah

Today was full. We said a real good bye and handed over our keys.

David took Zeke to his vet appointment then to the USDA’s office to get approved. Zeke has his stamp! Meanwhile I did final cleaning and eventually snuck away to Land’s End to watch the ocean until the landlord came for the final walk through.

We piled into the car; but instead of starting our journey, we drove to the beach where Zeke played his heart out and I threw myself into the waves. We finally left San Francisco around 1:45 pm. Stops were quick including a Golden Gate Bridge picture and lunch at In-n-Out. It was a exactly perfect.

Then 10.5 hours of music, light naps, and The Odyssey on audiobook (and narrated by Ian McKellan!), all to arrive in Wendover, a city split across the Nevada/Utah state line at 1:15 AM. It’s even a new time zone.

We seesaw between business at hand, moments of intense sadness, excitement for our adventure, and sheer exhaustion. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been waking up at 5:30 to cat nap until 7. This is fine except for all our late nights. We will search for rest on this crazy journey.

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for safe travels. We have received so much kindness–a new friendship bracelet, a friend giving us a bag of homemade sourdough bread, neighbors lending us chairs for the weekend because the movers took everything, endless texts checking in on the journey, and so much more.

We have said so many good byes. I am reminded of something I read in grad school by Judith Butler on vulnerability. We are flesh and blood and feelings, and as vulnerable humans we “are undone by one another.” I have been undone. And being undone is a gift even though it knives its way through your heart when you do say good byes. My cousin sent me the perfect Merle Haggard song about San Francisco: “When I leave, I leave my heart like in the famous song.”

We are so full of gratitude. Thank you, friends. Thank you, San Francisco.

Good bye, apartment


Starting from the beach, getting Zeke dog good and tired
First stop: Golden Gate Bridge, only five miles from home


Twilight in Nevada

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