The movers took everything

Today the movers came. It is hard for me to see how many THINGS I have. I am embarrassed that I feel the need to keep so many material things. We woke up at 6:30 am to move our junk around. I was alert immediately. I think my body was anticipating the change.

I expected today to be full of loss and sadness.

But stripped of my possessions, my apartment still feels like home. We are camping in our apartment until we leave on Monday. There is nothing here except David, Zeke, and a few suitcases. And I find myself incredibly happy. I have everything I need. If it was just David, Zeke, and my mini, portable painting kit, I would still be so happy. I’m so lucky to have them. I’m so lucky to have a home that is so comfortable. I’m so lucky to have made friends to miss.

Our kind movers left at 6 pm after working without complaint. They gave me an incredible gift to see what’s actually important. I write this here to remember these feelings because in a few weeks I will long for the comforts of my own pots and pans and bed. This weekend I’ll enjoy the ocean and fog and empty house.







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